Other Phone Services

Number Porting

A phone number often becomes part of a business name, trademark, and can even be an economic advantage. If you do not wish to exchange well-known numbers, you can use the number porting service! Claim any of our services, we are not obliged to change numbers.



Fee-free 80 zone number

Give your customers the opportunity to call it for free

Make your customer service available to your customers for free calls. 06 We can provide our customers with 80, 4 and 5 zones.


International switching number

Keep in touch with your foreign partners locally.

Czech, Romanian, Solvay, German … we can provide country codes by city, so your foreign partner will call you locally. If you call your foreign partner, we can display the international number you have provided, so you can call your Berlin partner from a Berlin phone number, for example.


Click to call

Your partners can call you with a single click

A web application that allows your partners to contact you from your website with a single click.

The application is a dialer installed on a website, which allows your browser to call your customer service and get information about your services and products free of charge right away.


Software Telephone

A softphone is a computer application that can make phone calls without a separate (physical) phone.

„Zöld” hívószám (06 80 xxx xxx)

Létesítési díj                                                                                                  15 000Ft

Havi díj                                                                                                          5 800Ft/hó

A „zöld szám” csak technikai hívószám, tetszőleges telefon előfizetés szükséges hozzá!
A beérkező hívások díjazása a telefon előfizetés szerinti díjon történik.



„Green” number (06 80 xxx xxx)

Installation fee             15 000 Ft
Monthly Fee                  5 800 Ft

A "Green number" is a technical callnumber, it requires a phone subscription!
Rates on inbound calls are applied based on selected phone service.