N-Fax Electronic Fax ( Hungary Only )

We encounter an awful lot of problems with fax…

…and problems related to fax; running out of paper, paper getting stuck, or maybe the called party is busy, etc., but that age is now over.
With T38 protocol, we only need a gateway and a device, or a software that supports T38 and we’re ready to send fax messages even in fax-to-mail form – which sends fax messages to a given e-mail address -, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the office, the fax messages will still find you.

Whereever you are, the fax lands in your mailbox in PDF format, allowing you to read it even in you car, or forward it to your colleagues



N-Fax előfizetési díj: 990Ft

Földrajzi szám előfizetéssel: 680Ft


Fax küldési percdíjak:

Belföld vezetékes:  6,8Ft+ÁFA


Az elszámolás másodperc alapon történik. Egy oldal faxolása kb 40-55 mp.

Nemzetközi faxolás a nemzetközi díjtáblázat szerint.

Fax fogadás és olvasás:

  • IMPA, POP3 email fiók
  • Adoba Acrobat reader
  • Egyéb PDF viewer


Fax küldés

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8  OP
  • Fax print program (letölthető)




N-Fax subscription fee: 990Ft

Wired number with subscription : 680Ft


Fax sending rates:

Domestic wired :  6,8Ft+VAT / minute

Rates are applied based on seconds. Faxing one page takes an estimatted 40-55s.


Fax receiving and sending:

  • IMPA, POP3 email account
  • Adoba Acrobat reader
  • Other PDF viewer


Fax sending

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8  OS
  • Fax print program (Free to download)