Commerse and Transit

What can N-System Voice Tranzit offer you?

As a partner of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers, we have an outstanding infrastructure and expert background, which lets us provide a unique level of service to domestic companies. In addition to our international wholesale connections, we provide a wholesale background to a number of major service providers in Hungary and also serve as a technology supplier through our proprietary system.

We are an independent trading center – Hungary’s leading online marketplace for VoIP-based telephone calls. We are basically in the wholesale market for long distance termination with business-to-business connections to TDM and VoIP providers and resellers.

Our long-term strategy is to become one of the leading VoIP traffic exchange organizations to contribute to the global VoIP market through technology and partnerships.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. We guarantee that we will respond promptly to any questions you may have in email, responding to any inquiries you may have. Requests made on business days will be answered within 48 hours by one of our customer relationship representatives. We can respond to the weekend letters the next business day.

Within the transit service we can also provide the following services

  • KRA inquiry, portability test
  • Transcoding
  • Custim routing
  • IP-IP, PubNET-IP, IP-SS7 connection

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The National Media and Communications Authority in its Resolution HF / 25016-187 / 2012 ordered N – System Kft. to publish on its website the information contained in Section A / 3 of the operative part of the Decision, which includes termination rates for N-System and N-System SW partners.

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