Commerse and Transit

What can N-System Voice Tranzit offer you?

As a partner of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers, we have an outstanding infrastructure and expert background, which lets us provide a unique level of service to domestic companies. In addition to our international wholesale connections, we provide a wholesale background to a number of major service providers in Hungary and also serve as a technology supplier through our proprietary system.

We are an independent trading center – Hungary’s leading online marketplace for VoIP-based telephone calls. We are basically in the wholesale market for long distance termination with business-to-business connections to TDM and VoIP providers and resellers.

Our long-term strategy is to become one of the leading VoIP traffic exchange organizations to contribute to the global VoIP market through technology and partnerships.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. We guarantee that we will respond promptly to any questions you may have in email, responding to any inquiries you may have. Requests made on business days will be answered within 48 hours by one of our customer relationship representatives. We can respond to the weekend letters the next business day.

Within the transit service we can also provide the following services

  • KRA inquiry, portability test
  • Transcoding
  • Custim routing
  • IP-IP, PubNET-IP, IP-SS7 connection

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The National Media and Communications Authority in its Resolution HF / 25016-187 / 2012 ordered N – System Kft. to publish on its website the information contained in Section A / 3 of the operative part of the Decision, which includes termination rates for N-System and N-System SW partners.

N-System termination fees >>


N-PBX Service ( Hungary Only )

Affordable, Easy to Install and Manage

Our company is an official 3CX Partner, so we can offer you 3CX phone systems at affordable prices for a monthly or yearly fee. 3CX systems can be deployed within one hour, whether on-site or cloud-based. 3CX PBXs are easy to operate with just a few clicks.

N-PBX ​​Features

The advantage of using an IP PBX is that the functions are freely selectable and configurable in the system, so that each PBX can be customized for a particular company. With a low level of asset investment, you can create a customized business environment. The N-PBX, as an optional module, offers the ability to serve the widest range of business call center and client center operations (eg Call Recording, IVR, Call-Center).

N-PBX ​​Pass

Our company offers the possibility to operate the IP telephone exchange locally or centrally. With local server operation, you have access to system hardware tools at any time, so you can quickly configure and maintain your system locally with our own engineers and IT staff who can provide system support services and expert advice as needed.

N-Centrex Service ( Hungary Only )

N-Centrex is a virtual IP PBX (IP PBX) solution that offers all the benefits of the traditional digital PBX and IP PBX currently available on the market, without compromise, to fully replace any physical PBX.

About this service

The service includes, or as an optional module, the ability to serve the widest range of business call center and client center activities (eg Call Recording, IVR, CallCenter).
We recommend it to our corporate clients who want to modernize their outdated PBX with little financial investment or simply enjoy the benefits of modern technology.

The service is available for a monthly fee at the rates included in the current rates, you can find our rates by scrolling to the bottom of the page!


The advantage of using the IP PBX is that the functions are freely selectable and configurable in the system, so that each PBX can be customized for a particular company. Low besides investing in assets, you can create a customized business environment.

Basic Service:

  • Free network communication
  • Free Chat between PBX Extensions
  • Location-independent extensions (even in multiple cities, deployed in one center)
  • Redirect between extensions and external
  • Call transfer, call transfer
  • Switching and Waiting Music
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Waiting, Call Waiting
  • Set up caller groups and permissions
  • PIN Call Barring
  • Ring groups and ring migration
  • Calling Line Identification

  • Outgoing Call Barring by Phone Extension
  • Email extension notification for missed calls
  • IVR – Loud Menu (Welcome Text)
  • IVR Phone Extension Option
  • Callback Control (Caller Line Extension or Central Phone Number)
  • Plugin Status Display
  • Iphone, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux Softphone
  • Video telephony (between image transfer, software or video telephony
  • )

Optional modules:

  • Call Recording Module
  • Voicemail Module
  • N-Center (virtual hosted inbound CallCenter service with IVR module)
  • Fleet GSM Gateway Module
  • Phonebook, WEB, XML and LDAP

Központi PBX

Reseller Solutions ( Hungary Only )

Internet Provider?

Want to provide a phone to your customers but don’t want to invest millions of dollars? Do you lack the professional knowledge and experience required to operate a telephone system? Ask for our unique offer!

IP telefon viszontszolgáltatás

Supervision ( Hungary Only )

Afraid of switching?

If you do not have enough experience with VoIP telecommunication systems, you should not be afraid to change – our staff will ensure that the system operates smoothly and provide you with expert advice on demand.

IP PBX rendszer felügyelete

Maintenance ( Hungary Only )

Trust us to maintain your VoIP PBX.

Our business does not end with the installation of the system, as we undertake the complete maintenance of the built-in VOIP telephony, so that you always enjoy its benefits. For our highly trained professionals, maintaining a single system structure is not a problem – if you choose us, your telecommunication system will always keep your company up to date. If you run your own engineers and IT staff for smaller maintenance and repair tasks, but entrust more professional interventions, our system support service will help you install service packs, expand your network, troubleshoot critical issues, and activity. Ask for our expert advice and give you guidance on how to improve your system.

IP PBX rendszer karbantartás

System Rental ( Hungary Only )

Are you dissuaded from investing due to unproportionately high upfront fees?

Are you afraid that your fast growing business will outgrow your phone system soon? Do you like to plan your expenses in advance? Choose our system rental service and we will provide you with all the equipment you need for your phone system for a fixed monthly fee and a small one-time fee. The service includes everything from installation to system operation to maintenance (at no extra cost), and in the case of upgrades, you only have to count on a scaled monthly fee.

 device rental </ p>

Number Porting ( Hungary Only )

Keep your old numbers

A phone number often becomes part of a business name, trademark, and can even be an economic advantage. If you are not happy to change your well-known numbers, you can use our number portability service! Claim any of our services, we are not obliged to change numbers.


N-Fax Electronic Fax ( Hungary Only )

We encounter an awful lot of problems with fax…

…and problems related to fax; running out of paper, paper getting stuck, or maybe the called party is busy, etc., but that age is now over.
With T38 protocol, we only need a gateway and a device, or a software that supports T38 and we’re ready to send fax messages even in fax-to-mail form – which sends fax messages to a given e-mail address -, so it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the office, the fax messages will still find you.

Whereever you are, the fax lands in your mailbox in PDF format, allowing you to read it even in you car, or forward it to your colleagues



VOIP Telephony Subscription ( Hungary Only )

When choosing a VOIP phone subscription, the question is whether it is a SIP account or SIP Trunk. Both subscriptions are linked to the same service center, but with completely different usage and technical solution

SIP account

Typically a single phone number and associated speech channel. Usually the user is connected to the control panel with a user name and password. The user name is also the switch number and is displayed. A SIP account usually corresponds to a single trunk with 1 number. The N-System VOIP subscription offers its customers a N-Office tariff plan that allows 2 voice channels, so with the right terminal, the line will not be busy even if they are already on call (call waiting). The SIP account can be programmed to IP Phone, Softphone Client, SIP ATA.

SIP Trunk

As its name implies, it is a connection where up to 100 simultaneous calls can be made. Usually, the IP address is used for authentication between the service center and the subscriber’s center and terminal. It may have multiple dialing numbers, and the subscriber’s terminal equipment determines what number is displayed. At N-System, we distinguish between N-Trunk 5, N-trunk 10, N-trunk 20, N-Trunk 30, and N-Trunk 60, which provide 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 voice channels (simultaneous talk). The SIP trunk can only be programmed for IP PBX, SIP Gateway, no configuration for IP phone, softphone client.

If you only need one or two trunk lines, you need a SIP account, or N-Office.
However, if you have an IP PBX or many dial-up numbers, or even want to handle multiple inbound and outbound calls, we definitely recommend one of our N-Trunk services within SIP Trunk.

Other Phone Services

Number Porting

A phone number often becomes part of a business name, trademark, and can even be an economic advantage. If you do not wish to exchange well-known numbers, you can use the number porting service! Claim any of our services, we are not obliged to change numbers.



Fee-free 80 zone number

Give your customers the opportunity to call it for free

Make your customer service available to your customers for free calls. 06 We can provide our customers with 80, 4 and 5 zones.


International switching number

Keep in touch with your foreign partners locally.

Czech, Romanian, Solvay, German … we can provide country codes by city, so your foreign partner will call you locally. If you call your foreign partner, we can display the international number you have provided, so you can call your Berlin partner from a Berlin phone number, for example.


Click to call

Your partners can call you with a single click

A web application that allows your partners to contact you from your website with a single click.

The application is a dialer installed on a website, which allows your browser to call your customer service and get information about your services and products free of charge right away.


Software Telephone

A softphone is a computer application that can make phone calls without a separate (physical) phone.